Jeep Cairns

Alpolic Cassette Cladding

Jeep Cairns recently tasked Visual Imaging with the upgrade and installation of their fascia and main pylon. It was a big job, but we think it turned out well. Jeep elected to use a method of ACM panel cladding for the surface of the fascia and pylon called 'cassette cladding'. This involves folding the Alpolic ACM panels with returns on each edge, which are then used to fix each panel to one another.

We completed the entire process in house, using our CNC router to machine cut and fold each ACM panel to precise shape. Along with this we also fabricated the 3D acrylic logos for both the fascia and pylon. The simple contrast of the white logos and matte grey ACM make the Jeep branding nice and easy to recognise, even from the very busy Mulgrave Road.

The brand new fascia at Jeep Cairns, fabricated and installed by the Visual Imaging team.
The cladded pylon at Jeep on Mulgrave Road.

If you think that ACM cladding or 3D signage may be a good option for your business or shop front, feel free to contact the Visual Imaging team today.

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